Remi is known for its iconic 70s designs, enduring quality, thoughtfully curated and ethically made garments - all of which are paramount when introducing new items to our collection.


At REMI, our mission is to curate a wardrobe that transcends the transient tides of trends, infusing the elegance of vintage eras into contemporary lifestyles empowering individuals to express their unique stories.


Remi is the dream turned reality of mother-daughter duo, Carilyn and Remi.

We've blended our talents and passions to create a brand that stands for more than just fashion.

Our pieces are ethically made by hand in limited quantities.


You can tell a lot about someone from their style, this is why we create classic pieces  that not trend driven, you can wear them again
and again (much like playing your favourite record).


We think the past eras did this the best, so naturally we love to take inspiration from
these past times, especially the 70’s!

Remi started her fashion journey studying fashion design and business for four years. After
her studies, Remi's real-world experience came from working as a designer and
assistant in well-known fashion houses and as a stylist for one of Australia's
biggest corporations.


With us, you become part of our creative family. We're not just talking about fashion; we're
talking about a community. Your voice matters here, we're all about a
community-driven approach, where listening and understanding your feedback is

Being ethical is non-negotiable for us. Our clothes are cruelty-free, avoiding materials like
furs, silks, feathers, or leathers to ensure no animals are harmed.

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