Remi is known for its iconic 70s designs, enduring quality, thoughtfully curated and ethically made garments - all of which are paramount when introducing new items to our collection.


Welcome to Remi, where timeless fashion meets modern ethics. We invite you to step into our world of beautifully crafted women's apparel, inspired by past eras yet designed with today's woman in mind. As an ethically conscious fashion brand, Remi places quality over quantity, creating pieces that encapsulate enduring style and sustainable values.



Our brand is

the brainchild of Remi, a seasoned fashion aficionado who cut her teeth in

well-known fashion houses and sharpened her styling prowess over the years and

Carilyn an incredible researcher and fashion powerhouse.

Driven by a passion for fashion and a commitment to responsible

practices, Remi cultivated a space where stylish women can express their

individuality without compromising on their ethical stance.

Remi is more

than a brand; it is a love letter to women who cherish music, adore beach days,

enjoy intimate coffee dates, and have a appreciation for paste eras. Our pieces are

designed to dress your every-day escapades, complement your dinners, and be your

faithful travel companions. We believe fashion is an expression of one's self,

and we strive to help you echo your unique rhythm in our threads.

With Remi,

you're not just a customer, but a cherished member of our creative community.

We value your voice and invite you to partake in our design competitions,

ensuring that our collections resonate with your style and ideas. We are driven

by a community-based approach, listening, understanding, and implementing feedback

from our loyal Remi Club.

As an

advocate of ethical fashion, Remi stands firm on principles of ethics. Our

clothing contains no furs, silks, feathers, or leathers, ensuring no animals

are harmed in the process and make sure all items are ethically made. We

believe in mindful fashion.

Join us in

our fashion revolution. In our Remi pieces, you'll not only be wearing unique,

stylish clothing but also standing tall in your principles. Together, we can

redefine fashion – one timeless, ethically made garment at a time. Welcome to

the Remi community, where fashion meets ethics and style meets substance.

What's Next?

Remi and Carilyn are currently working towards refining their unique design and approval methodology for jeans. They're aiming to ensure that each pair undergoes multiple fittings before being considered for addition to the collection. Their aspiration is to create denim wear that their Remi audience wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. Ensuring a perfect fit is pivotal to them, driving their motivation behind the inception of Remi Denim.
Instead of adhering to industry norms, they plan to provide jeans tailored for various body types, rather than merely resizing based on a standard small size. This personal touch to fit was one of their main inspirations to venture into the denim world.

Remi and Carilyn are adamant about having the perfect amount of stretch and using durable materials that guarantee comfort and resilience for prolonged wear. Classic designs with seamless craftsmanship are at the forefront of their ambition for Remi Denim, ensuring wearers feel stylish, empowered, and ready to strut their stuff.

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