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Barbie Pants
Trousers - Pink
Regular price $150.00
Barbie Shift Dress
Sold out
Shift Dress - Pink
Regular price $155.00
Barbie Halter
Sold out
Halter - Pink
Regular price $100.00
Barbie Cocktail Dress
Sold out
Cocktail Dress - Pink
Regular price $155.00
Barbie Wave
Wave Dress - Pink
Regular price $200.00
Cher retro 70s jumpsuit
Cher Jumpsuit - Black
Regular price $180.00
Koah Sarong 70s 60s
Koah Bustier - Print
Regular price $80.00
Koah Sarong 70s 60s
Koah Sarong - Print
Regular price $90.00
Koah Long Sleeve Shirt 80s style
Koah Long Sleeve Shirt Unisex - Print
Regular price $110.00
Koah shirt dress 80s
Koah Shirt Dress - Print
Regular price $100.00
Immerse yourself in the world of retro elegance with Remi's "New Arrivals". Designed with passion in Australia, our collection echoes the vivacious spirit of eras gone by, reminiscent of iconic moments from "Daisy Jones and The Six", the free-spirited allure of "Almost Famous", and the rebellious undertones of "Dazed and Confused". Infused with the charisma of Penny Lane and the comfort of easy-wear fashion, each piece stands as a testament to both sustainable craftsmanship and timeless style. Dive into our online catalog, where 70s-inspired silhouettes meet ethically-made designs, uniting the vintage charm of retro fashion with today's eco-conscious sensibilities.