Who were the biggest 70s fashion Icons?

Who were the biggest 70s fashion Icons?

In the swirling whirlpool of fashion, where trends ebb and flow with the seasons, the 1970s have made a  resurgence, weaving their retro magic into today's style tapestry. But why does this particular decade keep reappearing on our runways and streets, like a beloved melody that refuses to fade? And who were the muses and maestros of this era, whose influence continues to shape our sartorial choices? Let's journey back in time, to explore the essence of 70s fashion and the icons.

Why is 70s Fashion Coming Back?

The 70s were a time of bold experimentation, embracing new ideas, freedoms, and expressions. This era, characterised by an eclectic mix of styles, tells stories of rebellion, liberation, and creativity through its fashion. Today, the 70s reemerge not just as a nostalgic nod but as a vibrant, living influence that resonates with our current desire for authenticity, sustainability, and self-expression.

Moreover, the 70s fashion revival reflects a yearning for comfort and versatility in our attire—a blend of casual chic and flamboyant flair that allows for personal style to shine. The flowing silhouettes, rich textures, and vibrant patterns and designs all speak to a sense of freedom and individuality.


Who Inspired 70s Fashion?

The 70s fashion landscape was shaped by a diverse array of icons, each infusing the era with their distinct style and ethos. At the heart of this revolution were figures like Stevie Nicks, with her enchanting bohemian flair, and David Bowie, whose Ziggy Stardust alter ego brought glam rock's vibrant extravagance to the forefront. Designers played a pivotal role too;

Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking tuxedo redefined feminine elegance with its androgynous appeal, while Diane von Fürstenberg's wrap dress introduced a blend of practicality and sophistication, embodying the era's push for liberation.

The streets echoed with the rebellious spirit of punk, led by visionaries like Vivienne Westwood, whose designs infused the fashion world with a bold, unapologetic attitude. The disco scene, with its shimmering, body-conscious attire, encapsulated the decade's optimism and love for flamboyance

 Bianca Jagger: With her sophisticated and daring fashion sense, Bianca Jagger was the epitome of 70s glamour. Often seen in elegant suits, flowing dresses, and statement hats, her style was both bold and effortlessly chic, setting trends that are emulated to this day.

Patti Smith: The "punk poet laureate" Patti Smith brought a raw, androgynous edge to 70s fashion. Her minimalist, often monochromatic ensembles, paired with her distinctive tousled hair, embodied the spirit of punk with a touch of bohemian, influencing not just music but the fashion world as well.

Jane Birkin: Synonymous with the laid-back, natural beauty of the 70s, Jane Birkin's style was all about simplicity and comfort, mixed with a hint of sensuality. From her iconic basket bag to her effortless, understated attire, she defined a relaxed yet chic aesthetic that continues to inspire.

At REMI, We think the past eras did this the best, so naturally we love to take inspiration from these past times, especially the 70’s! we're all about blending 70s flair with modern vibes.

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