Lazy Sundays with Sheridan New

Model: Sheridan New (AKA Sheri) 

Photographer: Sam Lebib

Wearing: Remi Lane

If you don't know Sheri by now, she's one of my dear friends and undeniably the Instagram caption queen. She's a model as well as an aspiring writer. Sheri's witty humour automatically allures those around her as well as her carefree nature.

Star Sign: Pisces

How I can relate: I go hardcore white girl with astrology so I’d like to think I’m real compatible with my sign: day dreamer, compassionate, creative, sensitive and all that. I am a pretty good judge of someone’s character, too, which according to my Pinterest studies, is something Pisceans possess. I am not really a ‘fish’ though. Side note: I will fight anyone who believes that all the star signs have shifted, I am NOT an Aquarius.

In the past life I was a? Look, I want to say I was from the Elizabethan Era but I think I’m watching too many Netflix series. My mum’s clairvoyant said I’m an ‘old soul’ so I probably have a few in there.

Favourite Song Right Now? I have a few tuna fishes on high rotation but I guess the most recent one would be the DMA’s Like a Version of Cher’s ‘Believe’, which seems to be a regular car-ballad for me at the moment.

Dream Job? I have an existential crisis every 5 minutes asking myself this question so I am still undecided. It’d have to be something that didn’t feel like a job for me. I’d love to be able to be writing at a magazine about fun and glorious things or helping people in some way.

What can’t you live without? Pretty standard: my friend’s and fam. But peanut butter and banana on toast comes in at a close second. Aaaaand a good notebook to write all my lists in.

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset Ultimate Dream Date? Nothing fancy, Fish and Chips on the beach will do! (Soo Pisces) Lot of laughing, too!

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received? Shit I can’t even remember (that wasn’t the advice.) Unlike most, I haven’t had those weirdly stand-out inspirational moments. A few months ago though, Nan was telling me the importance of balance which I’ve been thinking about lately! And always wear sunscreen.