At Remi, we love the beautiful people who make our garments just as much as the beautiful people who buy them.

We are proud to say our entire collection is ethically produced in amongst the tropics of Indonesia, with majority of our pieces manufactured in a factory in Bali, with our remaining denim pieces produced out of factory in Jakarta.

We chose to produce our clothing in only two factories to allow us to have more control, involvement and oversight over our production which is something we hold very highly.

Both factories produce high quality made to last, which is not only great for our customer but great for Mother Nature, too! More durable garments reduces the amount of clothing waste in landfill and discourages fast fashion pieces which are only designed to last a few washes.



Our manufacturers in Bali are nothing short of incredible.  Every employee is:

– Paid above award wages
– Have holiday pay
– Have sick pay
– And also get the equivalent of a pension
– All workers and their families get paid health care
– Overtime for staff (which is fully negotiated)
– Work Monday to Friday and any work on Saturday is paid at overtime

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If I were to choose a few words to describe our factory and the work environment in Bali, I would use: spacious, relaxed, clean and safe -qualities we find super important when it comes to design manufacturing. They even use more energy efficient sewing machines to be more environmentally friendly.

But do you want to know the best part? They adopted eight rescue dogs!!!

In most garment factories, fabric waste (off-cuts) are thrown away, eventually ending up in landfill. However, our factory in Indonesia challenges the norm with aa more environmentally friendly approach – all of their off-cuts are given to a local Balinese business which uses these scraps to make mats and the rest are used to make beds for the factories rescue dogs.

Behind the scenes, every very single item is delivered to us in 100% compostable bags, meaning when they are finally disposed of, they’re able to decompose completely as opposed to standard degradable and even biodegradable bags.

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Remi Lane Positive Working Conditions


Every employee is:

– Paid above standard wages

– Have annual holidays

– And also get the equivalent of a pension

– Work 5 days a week (+ fully negotiated 1/2 days on Saturdays)

Denim production requires a lot of water which is why we have been very careful with who we chose to produce and manufacture our designs.
We have been so lucky to find one factory to carry out all constructing, dying, producing of the denim AND production of the garment is all made in the one factory making it super easy for us to ensure everything is on track.
Our factory in Jakarta has a waste water treatment plant which processes all liquid waste released by production. They’re also proudly 30 – 40% more efficient than the standard level of government physical, chemical and biological systems, where strict surveillance is taken to ensure all waste is limited, resulting in the discharge of cleaner and harmless water.
Waste reduction and reuse of water supply enables cleaner production and studies are being undertaken into recycling of water discharge to ensure zero discharge.
All yarns, greige fabric and denim fabric are eco‐friendly and are free from harmful substances as certified by Oeko‐Tex, Testex, Zurich.
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Design Team

All of our design processes take place in our little studio out of Western Australia.

From finding an inspiration for each collection and choosing the colour pallet, fabrics and trims to finalizing sketches, all the magic happens right here.

Each collection takes months of inspiration-seeking, designing and sourcing and then many more months to produce, totaling one year from start to finish. Every piece of fabric to every trim is hand picked by the girls behind Remi after spending days siphoning through countless fabric wholesalers.

We pride ourselves on the unique and high quality nature of our designs and work hard to ensure each item is perfectly made. We aim to create timeless pieces that soon become wardrobe staples, not ones dominated by trends.