Our Story

Aloha! It’s Remi here!
First of all, thank you for visiting our online store.
Secondly, let me tell you a little bit about Remi Lane Designs!

Fashion was my first love and I am so incredibly passionate about creating and designing beautiful pieces for all of the amazing people who buy Remi Lane Designs. This has been my dream career since I was a little girl. I was always a creative child and I absolutely loved going to after school sewing lessons at my grandma’s house. As a 10-year-old, I would even ride my bike to a fashion designer’s house down the road and drop my designs off in her mailbox. As soon as I was old enough to study fashion design, that’s exactly what I did and after four years of studying, that is when Remi Lane Designs was born.

Today, I work from a studio on our two-acre property surrounded by beautiful big trees and an abundance of wildlife. There’s no better way to be creatively inspired than to be connected with nature. I design every single Remi Lane piece myself and so much love goes into the garments you buy.

At Remi Lane Designs, we believe in people, both the ones wearing and creating our garments. We are obsessed with embracing the adventurous spirit of all women and have a passion for nature and a lust for life. That’s why we have created an exclusive collection of quality ethical fashion at affordable prices. Each Remi Lane piece is designed for the laid-back luxe traveller. They are easy to wear pieces with an effortless feel. Each garment is designed and ethically made with love and care. This shows throughout the quality and uniqueness to every single garment. Our purpose is to make beautiful ethical clothing and leave the smallest footprint possible. We are bridging the gap between ethical fashion and clothing at an accessible price. A lot of consumers want to buy ethically produced clothing but cannot afford the price, but now they can!

We believe in doing it better. We are passionate about learning how we can be better in every aspect of the business, although we are already an ethical label; we are striving for the gold standard. Every collection is more ethical and sustainable than the last and we are very proud of the path we are taking.